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1. What is Community of Practice (CoP)?

2. What is Problem-based Learning (PBL)?

3. What is Project-based Learning (PjBL) and problem-based project?

4. What are the interrelationships among Science, Technology, Environment, Society (STES)?

5. What is Problem-solving (PBS)?

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In the early 20th century, human beings had never thought of stepping on the moon or becoming spaceman travelling in the universe. But history proved that they had conquerred the universe and became scientists in the space.

Now, you too can become scientists if you are involved in Problem-based Learning (PBL or PbBL) and Project-based Learning (PjBL) activities following this programme of SP2ACEMAN [Science Project/problem-based Learning Activities inCorporating Experiments MANagement].

Let’s explore this web-based learning portal step-by-step and follow PBL activities fruitfully. Be POSITIVE about yourself. You will find that science learning is fun and enjoyable!!